King County Fire Chief’s Training Division, Creates Future Fire Service Leaders

The thought that all firefighting training is done in heavy gear involving ladders and hoses is not always the correct. The fire service is not unlike many private businesses and involves a lot of the same complexities of managing people, money and legal issues.

The King County Fire Chief’s Training Division is focusing on training firefighters and officers on the non-firefighting aspects of the fire service. This year’s training roster included classes on community and government, budget and finance, disciplinary issues, public education, technical writing, and the National Fire Academy’s (NFA) Leadership Series.

Just taking a closer look at one of these courses gives you a better idea of the details that are covered. For example, the NFA Leadership Series is a 9-day course that tackles serval challenging topics including; fundamentals of leadership, management delegation, creating a good working environment, coaching, mentoring, and how to shape the future of the fire service.

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