King County Fire Chiefs Introduce New Rescue Drone

King County Fire Chiefs Association (KCFCA), in partnership with Eastside Fire & Rescue, introduced the capabilities of a rescue drone during a live demonstration at Sammamish Pine Lake Park. The demonstration simulated a stranded swimmer in Pine Lake to show the drone’s ability to locate and deploy a personal floatation device (PFD) during a water rescue scenario.

The Matrice 210 RTK drone will be a regional resource for multiple agencies and has capacity to carry up to 4lbs to deliver items such as radios, cell phones, a defibrillator, or PFD. Additionally, the drone has high quality aerial imaging technology to provide rescuers with critical information during search and rescue operations.

The Matrice 210-RTK was donated by Barbara Hamer through the King County Medic One Foundation. Eastside Fire Corps volunteers, under the direction of Eastside Fire & Rescue, manage and operate the drone program. All drone operators are licensed pilots meeting FAA requirements and maintain FAA 107 certifications to operate under the FAA Blanket-Area – Public Agency sUAS COA.