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2021 Leadership Summit

This year’s theme “Lead from Anywhere”

The King County Fire Chiefs are excited to host the fifth annual KCFCA Leadership Summit at the Clearwater Resort & Casino. We continually strive to build upon our four pillars of leadership, which include Leadership Development, Inclusion & Equity, Mental Wellness, and Communication.

Hotel Accommodations

  • Participants must book lodging directly through the hotel by August 23, 2021
  • Group Rate: The rate depends on room type $126 – $139 + tax
  • Copy and Past Group Code: 19024
  • Group Rate SignIn or (866) 609-8700
  • Room Block: King County Fire Chiefs Association Summit

Meals Included

  • Tuesday Happy Hour / Heavy Appetizers
  • Wednesday All Meals / Awards Banquet Dinner
  • Thursday Breakfast


  • Early Bird KCFCA Member Rate: $250
  • Non-Member Rate: $275
  • Group Rate for agencies sending 5 or more attendees will receive a 5% discount (copy and paste GROUPRATE2021)
  • Registration and payments must be received by September 1, 2021
  • Registration after August 1, 2021: $275
  • No refunds after September 1, 2021 (Full refunds will be provided if the Summit is canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions)

Dress Code

  • No uniforms

Washington State Ferry Schedule

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Sep 21 - 23 2021


Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort
15347 Suquamish Way NE, Suquamish, WA 98392
King County Fire Chiefs


King County Fire Chiefs


  • Brian Cummings
    Brian Cummings
    Retired Fire Chief, LAFD | Fire Technical Advisor for Station 19 on ABC

    Career Survival Training is designed to help establish a culture of “administrative accountability” that is on a par with the existing culture of “operational accountability” so prevalent in fire services.

  • Dr. Mitch Javidi
    Dr. Mitch Javidi
    Founder & CEO, National Command & Staff College | Co-Founder & COO, Epochal Technologies, Inc

    Fire services professionals live with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) daily. The scrutiny and criticism pitted against the profession today is unprecedented, increasing stress, well-being, and performance challenges. Building a “Culture of Wellness and Anti-fragility in Fire Services” through strengthening psychological resilience will produce produces RESULTS with CONFIDENCE at all levels while reducing RISKS and LIABILITIES. The workshop is based on the science and practices of human behavior, tested in the Military, Corporate America, and Public Safety. It introduces both a challenging and rewarding New Wave of Leadership by promoting self-awareness, accountability, psychophysical responses to relationships, and positive intelligence.

  • Eric Rosoff
    Eric Rosoff
    Executive Manager, Career Survival Group

    Career Survival Training is designed to help establish a culture of “administrative accountability” that is on a par with the existing culture of “operational accountability” so prevalent in fire services.

  • Harold Scoggins
    Harold Scoggins
    Fire Chief

    Chief Scoggins has more than 30 years of experience in the fire service. He started his firefighting career as a member of the United States Air Force where he served as a firefighter. In 1989, Scoggins joined the Glendale Fire Department where he advanced through the ranks serving as Firefighter, Engineer, Captain, and Battalion Chief and in 2008 being named as Fire Chief. Scoggins has a Master’s degree in Public Administration received from Cal State University Long Beach and a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Cal State University Los Angeles. He also has an Associate of Science degree in Fire Technology from Glendale Community College. In April 2015, Scoggins became the Chief of the Seattle Fire Department.

  • Jamie Cochran
    Jamie Cochran
    Director of Operations and Leadership Instructor

    Director Of Operations that works with leaders at every level to improve performance through leadership consulting at Echelon Front. I leverage my skills and experience in Management, Operations, Leadership Development, Event Planning, Training, and Branding & Identity to train and develop our clients and lead our operations team. As a strong operations professional, I began my career with a Bachelor of Arts degree focused on Marketing & Public relations. My passion is leadership which has helped me develop both business acumen and lead my family at home as a mother of 3.

  • Janine Shepherd
    Janine Shepherd
    Keynote Speaker | Author | Resiliency Coach

    In Janine's signature keynote presentation, she shares her lived belief that ‘The Defiant Human Spirit’ is not something we have, it is something we are. It is the essence of our true selves and, when fully employed, is what makes us unstoppable. This presentation will not only leave you inspired, humbled, and motivated, but will also cause you to think at the deepest level about how you live your own lives. Key Takeaways:
    Be inspired and motivated to change your attitude to live to your highest potential. 
    Learn how to lean into the ‘hills’ (Janine’s signature mindset) and transform your greatest fears into courageous action. 
    Identify limiting beliefs and rewrite the story of your life as a positive narrative.

  • Jeff Clark
    Jeff Clark
    Fire Chief

    KCFCA President
    Eastside Fire and Rescue

  • Lawrence Garrett
    Lawrence Garrett
    Business Consulting Executive Coaching Training Change Management Leadership Development Team Building Corporate Training Diversity & Inclusion

    Lawrence is considered a modern-day cultural savant. Known by many for his knack of decoding cultural behaviors that either support or undermine values and performance, Lawrence has grown a reputation for getting to the heart of the matter by identifying specific behaviors that are directly impacting business outcomes. Over the last 15 years, Lawrence was able to hone these skills through his current consulting practice, Eight-Twenty-Eight, LLC., focusing on Equity Leadership and Inclusion, primarily in the greater Puget Sound area, his prior role as Executive Director of Advancing Leadership, as well as his numerous partnerships and consultative work with various non-profits within the community.
    His talents, temperament and tenure as a leadership trainer, performance coach and equity and inclusion practitioner provide a unique combination of results, relationship, and emotional quotient enhancement. In his recently published book, The Equity Starter Kit: How to Build Equity in High Schools, Lawrence shares how to strategically and tactically assess, design and shift culture for maximum impact. A colleague and friend said it best about Lawrence, “He knows how to ‘change the weather in any environment he’s in.”

  • Lois James
    Lois James
    Assistant Director for Research, WSU College of Nursing, Sleep & Performance Research Center

    “Learning to recognize and manage the impact of implicit bias on critical decision making”
    Overview: This talk will explain the origins of bias, how the brain processes information, how to recognize implicit bias, and how to safeguard against biased decision-making. Attendees will learn that “if you have a brain, you have bias” and will gain insight into how to optimize public safety performance in ways that promote equity.

  • Stephen James Ph.D.
    Stephen James Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing at Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane

    Our society is dependent on first responders providing services 24/7, despite mounting evidence for negative physical and mental health outcomes from sleep displacement due to shift work. This talk reviews short- and long-term health consequences of sleep displacement and circadian misalignment due to shift work. We will also discuss the impact of sleep loss on cognitive function, decision making, and the ability of the first responder to process stress. You will be given a better understanding of why sleep alludes us and given concert advice on how to achieve more sleep. Sleep is a core biological function that can help protect you from the stresses of your job and promotes recovery.